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Alight Motion Apk: Download the 5.0.229 Alight Motion Pro APK to Edit and Animate (211MB).

About Alight Motion

With a plethora of excellent capabilities, Alight Motion is unique among the first professional motion graphics apps made for mobile devices. This tool primarily serves a wide variety of media types for motion graphics, professional animation, visual effects, video compositing, and video editing. These consist of vector forms, freehand sketching, photos, films, multiple layer graphics, a music library, and more.

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Information about the Most Eecent Version:

APP Name Alight Motion
Latest version v5.0.200
APK Size 193MB
License Free
Developer Alight Creative, Inc.

Name of App: Alight Motion Pro
Most recent version: v5.0.200; APK size: 193 MB; Free license; developer: Alight Creative, Inc.

Newest Updates and Features:

Alight Motion's professional features include:

Installation Manual:

Choices for Subscriptions:

Both free and subscription-based programs are available from Alight Motion for your Android. High-quality editing capabilities and professional tools are accessible with the membership plan.

Advantages and disadvantages:



Substitutes for Alight Motion:

Utilizing Adobe After Effects

A professional-grade animation and visual effects program commonly used in the film as well as television industries. It provides sophisticated special effects, animation, and compositing tools.

Premiere Pro by Adobe:

A feature-rich video editing program with sophisticated capabilities for color correction, audio processing, video editing, and smooth interaction with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

Final Cut Pro X from Apple:

a potent macOS video editing program with a variety of built-in effects, multicam editing, and a magnetic timeline, among other cutting-edge features.


An easy-to-use video editing program suitable for novices and experts alike. It offers a wide range of video editing features, such as audio editing, transitions, and effects.

Sony Vegas Pro:

A high-end video editing program with several capabilities, including as 3D editing, multicam editing, and a large selection of audio and visual effects.

How to Download Alight Motion in Steps:

Download Alight Motion APK 5.0.200

Regarding Android:

Regarding iOS:


Is Alight Motion the superior option?
Alight Motion is a pro motion video editor that specializes in motion graphics and GIF animations and provides high-quality editing for movies, photos, and audios.

Is there a PC version of Alight Motion Pro?
Although Alight Motion isn't officially accessible for PCs, you may download it via an emulator on both Windows and Mac computers.

For editing animated videos, why go with Alight Motion?
Alight Motion is a quick, simple program with an intuitive user interface that is ideal for anybody looking to professionally and economically edit their films.

What alternatives exist to Alight Motion?
Competitors to Alight Motion include After Effects by Adobe, Premiere Pro by Adobe, Mac Final Cut Pro X, PowerDirector, which or Sony Vegas Pro.

 Is it possible to edit videos professionally using Alight Motion?
Absolutely, Alight Motion has a variety of capabilities, such as keyframe animation, visual effects, and excellent export choices, making it a suitable tool for professional video editing.

Which platforms is Alight Motion compatible with?
Alight Motion is compatible with several platforms and is mainly made for Android smartphones, but it also works with iOS devices, including iPads and iPhones.

Does Visual Effects (VFX) support Alight Motion?
Yes, Alight Motion enables visual effects (VFX), giving customers the flexibility to include creative and eye-catching effects into their films.

Are any introductory Alight Motion lessons available?
Indeed, Alight Motion has tutorials that walk users through all of its features and capabilities to assist them get started with video editing.

Is it possible to make GIF animations using Alight Motion?
Yes, Alight Motion has tools for making GIF animations, so customers may include lively and captivating components into their projects.

Conclusion: Alight Motion

In summary, Alight Motion proves to be a flexible and potent mobile application that provides an extensive range of capabilities for high-end video editing, motion graphics, and animation. It allows both novice and expert users to express their creativity with ease because to its feature-rich interface and plenty of options.

The most recent version upgrades from Alight Motion Mod, which include improved functionality, additional effects, and improved performance, demonstrate the company's dedication to ongoing development. For those looking for a powerful mobile video editing solution, it stands out due to its support for multiple layer graphics, velocity-based motion blurring, and keyframe animation.

Even if there could sometimes be problems with tiles, keyframes, and slowness while editing audio, Alight Motion makes up for it with support for smooth animation, effective group layering, and a range of export possibilities. The program is a remarkable option in the field of mobile video editing since it works with both Android and iOS smartphones and has the ability to rival professional-grade video editors.